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Do you want to start saving extra money on your electric bill?

Southeast Energy Solutions has the products to help you solve your energy loss problems.

Over the course of a year families can lose a large amount of energy through the attic access areas. With our product, the buck stops here. Whether you are an existing homeowner looking for a way to help with a drafty house or you are a contractor looking for an attic solution to meet code requirements, look no longer, the "Pulldown Ladder Jacket" is the answer to your problems. This product not only insulates and air-seals your attic stairs access, it has a radiant barrier material that reflects up to 95% of heat that can penetrate a conditioned area through your attic access openings

Depending on the grade of insulation used with this product, the pull down ladder jacket can have a thermal resistance value up to a R-58 which meets code requirements throughout all climate zones. This product has been tested to meet all ASTM C-518 and E-84 testing requirements for thermal resistance and fire rating. Please see  our products page for more information. The easy step -by-step process is shown on the homeowner page of our website. Contractors please contact us for special pricing for bulk orders. If you need any further assistance please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.



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The Pulldown Ladder Jacket is registered under Patent #9695630